Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hardware Acceleration in Browsers

At the moment, Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome have hardware acceleration. Opera are apparently also working on theirs at the moment.
This would hopefully mean that in the near future, everyone will be running in browsers with hardware acceleration capabilities.

So what will this mean?
It will mean that some really powerful HTML5 games will be able to be run by the vast majority of people.
When WebGL compatibility with browsers is better, you can then expect to see a whole lot more 3D HTML5 games being made. (WebGL is a graphics library for javascript)

With these WebGL games, hardware acceleration is going to be a big part to play in the performance of these games.
So in the (hopefully near) future, WebGL + hardware acceleration might just equal hardcore games available at the click of a bookmark.

For any hardcore game developer, this is an incredible jump in the potential of business. My prediction is that browser gaming will not only be big among casual gamers, but hardcore gamers too. In fact, I also have a feeling that it will help bring casual gamers and hardcore gamers together in harmony.
If you're quick, you should get stuck in and be in the front-row seat of the games dev paradise.