Monday, 13 June 2011

Maths is Important

You might not realize, but Mathematics is very important when making games.
For very simple 2D games it isn't too much of an issue. Very complex games may require a lot of Maths knowledge, particularly for the physics. Collision detection is a lot trickier than you might think when it's done properly for a realistic physics game.
In between 2D simple and these complex games, you will need varying levels of knowledge in Mathematics.

When it comes to 3D games, you are almost sure to need a bit of Maths knowledge. If you are just using a 3D graphics API then it will be about the same skill-level required for 2D games (same pattern with simple -> complex), but just a bit trickier because you are working with an extra axis. And most 3D games happen to be more complex, which gives the impression that 3D games are a lot trickier than 2D.
However, if you are going to make the 3D stuff from scratch, without an API supporting 3D graphics, then you are completely screwed if you don't learn the maths first.

I might make a few posts in the future, teaching some of the more useful Maths stuff to use.