Thursday, 11 April 2013

Holy Diver Released

Holy Diver is now released to the Windows 8 App Store. If you've got Windows 8, follow this link: Holy Diver - Windows 8 App Store, or search the app store for "Holy Diver".

The game involves an angel diving from the sky, dodging spiky "devil clouds", then when you reach the ground, you swoop through a tunnel trying not to hit the walls.
On a touch screen device such as a tablet, the default controls are to basically move your finger to where you want the angel to horizontally move to. On a PC, the default controls are keyboard controls (A/D or Left/Right), however you can press M to switch to mouse movements and back.

This game was very quickly developed, as it is a submission to a competition I took part in at the University of the West of Scotland.
The competition was spanned over 3 days, and a decent chunk of the time was used learning new things. And honestly, I love making games for the Windows Store.
To all casual games developers, I really do suggest getting Windows 8 (even if you'd rather dual boot it) so you can take part in this up-and-coming market.

So, as I said, this was a quick development, so it's not an overly impressive game. Although it can be rather addictive. I didn't expect myself to get that effect from the game, but I did. And since I enjoy it myself so much, I intend on building on the game after the competition has been judged. The game will be much more featureful and professional feeling.