Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Damn Zombies - Early Sneek Peak

While Holy Diver is in the process of being published to the Windows 8 App Store, I decided to start work on a new game.

Damn Zombies will be a simple top-down zombie shooter, with basic controls, a range of weapons and defense upgrades. This game will be on the Windows 8 App Store, so available to Windows 8 PC users, as well as Windows 8 tablet users. I also intend on releasing the game on the Windows Phone Store too.

Keep an eye out for updates, the game won't take long to finish. You can follow me on twitter @SlashGame, or Like the new Facebook page SlashGameNet

Here's a screenshot of gameplay, very early in development. As you'll see, there's still not even a gun in the player's hands yet.