Friday, 5 April 2013

SlashGame's First Official Game on Windows 8 Store!

For the past 3 days I've been at a GameJam (game development competition) at the University of the West of Scotland. Our task was to make a game to put on the Windows 8 App Store; something I had never done before.

The process of developing for the Windows Store was great, I could have chosen from a lot of languages to write the game in, and I could have picked from a range of third party frameworks. A lot of the other competitors used Construct 2, and I saw some pretty decent looking games coming from them.
I on the other hand, stuck with Visual Studio 2012, and I chose to write the game in JavaScript, so it is indeed a HTML5 game.

Since I gave SlashGame such a high focus in HTML5 games, I thought I may as well make the game an official release for SlashGame.

Holy Diver
My original idea for the name was actually "Angel Dive", as the game involves an angel diving from the heavens then straight into the ground and through a tunnel.
However, I was driving along to the university today, and in popped the Dio song "Holy Diver" to my head. Obviously that fit just perfectly, so indeed the game is now named Holy Diver.

There is much still to add to the game. Rest assured that the game will be fully featured soon after the competitors have been judged.

The game will be free on the Windows App store, and I may at some point post a "How I made it" article or video.

As for the GameJam, there was good competition, so I eagerly await to hear the winner, and I shall post the results, whether it's me or not.